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Moderation Season

Author: Kate Attard

Date: 17 May 2017

Some of you may have received an email from us recently about booking your moderation, because it’s that time of year when a lot of projects are coming to an end.  We know that many advisers might be moderating for the first time – or for the first time since last year – so in addition to our email, here’s a handy guide on booking your moderation.

Get registered

You need two things to book a moderation: your adviser details and a link to a registered centre

  • If this is your organisation’s first ever Arts Award project it’s likely that you’ll need to register them as a centre. Log into the adviser portal and select the option to register a centre
  • If your organisation is already registered as a centre, then you can also link to them through the adviser portal. Again, just login and select the option to link to a centre

Instructions on how to link to or register a centre are included in our adviser portal FAQs.

Timing is key

  • Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold standard moderations should be booked eight weeks in advance. In other words, to ensure your moderation takes place before the end of July you need to book the date by 26 May
  • Postal moderations have limited space available. If your Bronze, Silver or Gold group has five young people or fewer then you can book a place on one of our advertised postal moderation dates. These fill up quickly in Summer so beat the rush and book ahead!
  • There may be a joint moderation date already advertised that you can take part in. If your group is too big for a postal but not quite large enough for a standard moderation, check out our joint moderations to see if there’s a venue near you
  • Explore postal moderations can also be booked now. We’ll request your sample log books on these dates, so young people’s work needs to be ready for the date you select
Trestle Arts Base, Mask

Assess early!

We’ve produced this criteria support resource offering guidance to advisers to help apply the criteria for Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold. For help completing the assessment report form we also have a step-by-step guide, as well as an example of a completed Bronze form. Finally, our Bronze and Silver evidence checklist is an additional prompt to help assessment of both levels.


The names of your young people don’t need to be sent to us until three weeks before moderation. It’s important that these names are correct because:

  • The moderator checks the names on each portfolio they look at. If this doesn’t match their list it could cause confusion on the day
  • Certificates are printed using the information provided for moderation. If a young person’s name is misspelled on the list we’re provided with, that mistake will be repeated on a certificate

Ask questions

Our previous posts on moderation are full of top tips about the whole process, from assessment to the day itself, but if you’re still unsure about anything then we’re here to help.

The Arts Award team are available to help answer any questions, so do get in touch! You can call the helpdesk on 020 7820 6178, or email

Everyone has worked hard to reach moderation – advisers, young people and anyone else involved in your project – so no matter what level you’ve delivered we wish you luck for the weeks ahead.


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