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    Supporting Arts Award advisers through Covid-19

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 13 May 2020

    We have been working hard behind the scenes at Trinity College London and Arts Award to continue to support our wonderful community of Arts Award advisers and centres during this lockdown period. We know it hasn’t been easy for anyone, and that many of you have experienced some huge challenges – both in terms of delivering Arts Award and supporting the young people you work with from afar, as well as personally. We want to say a big thank you for all the lovely messages and stories we have been receiving of young people continuing on their Arts Award journey during this period, and of advisers doing imaginative and inspiring things to keep the connection to arts and culture alive for young people. Keep them coming! 

     As well as our lunchtime series of chats, and this blog, we have been working on a brand new Resource Hub, supporting teachers and practitioners from across the Trinity family to engage with their learners remotely, and we are delighted to introduce you to this today. 


    Visit the Trinity Resource Hub


    Going forwards, any content which is specifically designed to support you and your learners during ‘lockdown’ and social distancing will live on this new site. There are two areas, one for teachers/practitioners, and one for learners – so send your young people aged 14+ in this direction as well, and don’t forget that Arts Award Voice always has great resources for young people.  

    The Arts Award blog will remain active, and we will continue to post content relating to Arts Award delivery as well as case studies and inspiring stories from our adviser community. We hope that this blog will remain a place you can visit to gain inspiration and guidance for future plans for Arts Award, when more normal times resume. 

    We hope you enjoy the new content, and whether or not you are able to engage with Arts Award currently we hope to continue to provide inspiration and support to you – whatever your situation. 

    For up to date information on Arts Award’s approach to Coronavirus, visit our dedicated information page 

    Visit the Trinity Resource Hub


    If you need any bespoke support or have further questions you can contact the Arts Award team on


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