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Multiple partnership project enabling over 220 young people to achieve their Arts Award Discover

Karen MacDougall from MacDougall Art tells us about the Hadrian’s Cavalry Project and how she managed and worked closely with a large group of partner organisations and schools to achieve 229 Discover...

Author: Guest Writer

Date: 09 Jul 2018

Young people gain real-life skills from a Technical Theatre Bronze Arts Award

Blackpool’s Grand Theatre have developed their first Technical Theatre Bronze Arts Award. Phil Fairhurst, from the Creative Learning department, tells us all about how they consulted with young people...

Author: Guest Writer

Date: 02 Jul 2018

Engaging with young people on a different level

This year we’re celebrating 250 years of Circus across the UK. With this in mind, here at Arts Award we caught up with Beth King, head of Participation and Outreach at the National Centre for Circus A...

Author: Guest Writer

Date: 11 Jun 2018

Cornwall Museums are Golden

We continue to explore Pathways into the Arts this month with Chloe Hughes, Engagement Lead at Cornwall Museums Partnership. Chloe shines a light on the great work conducted her organisation, particul...

Author: Guest Writer

Date: 14 May 2018

Lancaster Brownies take on Arts Award and discover some hidden talents

This month we’re looking at pathways into the arts, including insights from different organisations and how their work leads young people to discover themselves as artists, or even prepares them for a...

Author: Guest Writer

Date: 09 May 2018