Arts Award Blog

    What is arts education for? And what contribution can Arts Award make?

    This is the final blog in a series that has been written by Arts Award moderator and adviser Frances Howard, based on her doctoral research investigating the educational experiences of ‘dis-engaged’ y...

    Unlock young people’s theatrical careers with Get Into Theatre

    This year we saw the launch of a fantastic new initiative for young people interested in a career in theatre – Get Into Theatre. Packed full of information, guidance and opportunities for those lookin...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 28 Oct 2019

    Arts Award Silver - running events in a gallery setting

    This week we continue our series exploring the work of the 2015-16 Good Practice Centres. Over to Towner Art Gallery to explore how they ran events as part of their Silver Arts Award delivery.

    Author: Guest Writer

    Date: 22 Aug 2016

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