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Celebrating the First World War special edition Arts Award

Since 2014 the First World War Centenary Partnership led by the Imperial War Museums has supported and promoted events across the world to mark 100 years since the First World War. With the centenary ...

The importance of metacognition – Making a case for young people learning to learn

The Education Endowment Foundation, the UK’s What Works Centre for Educational Achievement, has recently published their guidance report on metacognition and self-regulated learning. The report stress...

Author: Annabel Thomas

Date: 08 May 2018

Accessibility & the Arts: access and inclusion initiatives across the country

The Arts should be accessible to everyone. It’s something we’re committed to at Arts Award but it’s important to mention that it’s not just us paving the way, many arts and cultural organisations acro...

Author: Alan Lynch

Date: 23 Apr 2018

How the Arts support health and wellbeing

Mental health is increasingly recognised as a key factor in children and young people’s overall wellbeing. In December 2017 the Government published a green paper on young people's mental health, with...

Author: Alan Lynch

Date: 05 Feb 2018

5 reasons why advisers choose to deliver Arts Award

Arts Award advisers come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors, all for their own reasons. We pick out just five reasons why advisers deliver Arts Award.

Author: Alan Lynch

Date: 31 Jan 2018

Access Fund Success Stories

Don’t forget the next round of the Arts Award Access Fund opens next Monday, 29 January. We’ve covered the application form in detail previously, so if you are thinking about applying do look back at ...

Author: Alan Lynch

Date: 22 Jan 2018