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    What is arts education for? And what contribution can Arts Award make?

    This is the final blog in a series that has been written by Arts Award moderator and adviser Frances Howard, based on her doctoral research investigating the educational experiences of ‘dis-engaged’ y...

    Discover Arts Award through Dance with Shobana Jeyasingh Dance

    In spring 2019, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance (SJD) planned and delivered two residencies in London Primary Schools. The project demonstrated how Discover Arts award can be delivered through longer-term eng...

    Author: Layne Harrod

    Date: 07 Oct 2019

    Arts Award and Folk Arts: Three ways folk educators have used folk arts for Arts Award

    Folk arts encompass music, dances, plays, storytelling and crafts which are an integral part of every culture. In the UK folk art is strongly linked social history, telling stories of local struggles,...

    Author: Caroline Bray

    Date: 13 May 2019

    Evidencing Treasures - creative evaluation to support dancers with moderate learning needs

    This summer Corali Dance Company delivered Arts Award Discover as part of a four-day summer intensive of creative workshops for dancers aged 14-24 with moderate learning disabilities. Corali’s Produce...

    Author: Guest Writer

    Date: 26 Nov 2018

    Case study: Old Palace of John Whitgift School

    Old Palace of John Whitgift School is a nursery to sixth form girls independent school based in Croydon. They have so far supported the achievement of 18 Discover, 14 Explore, over 80 Bronze and 40 Si...

    Author: Alan Lynch

    Date: 05 Sep 2018

    Case Study: Moving Together

    Moving Together deliver Arts Award at all 5 levels with a focus on dance. They have so far supported the achievement of 61 Discover, 47 Explore, 36 Bronze and 22 Silver Awards. They work with young pe...

    Author: Alan Lynch

    Date: 05 Sep 2018

    Throwing shapes with Stepping Stones – exploring architecture with dance

    In March this year, a group of young people with individual learning requirements came together to complete a human shape dance performance as part of their Explore journey. Arts Award adviser Michael...

    Author: Guest Writer

    Date: 16 Apr 2018

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