Arts Week and Discover

Arts Week and Discover

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BY: Annabel Thomas
05 Jun 2017

Arts Award Discover is the perfect way to add an extra-special celebration to your end of term arts activities. Whether you are doing an arts day, or a whole arts focused week in your school, Discover can easily and effectively map to your existing plans, meaning that not only will all children take part in the arts, they also get something tangible to remember it by. We have created a brand-new resource packed full of ideas and solutions to make linking Arts Award to your arts week even easier. All your school needs is at least one member of staff trained as an adviser for Discover & Explore. Teachers or teaching assistants with access to digital cameras is a good idea, as photographs of children taking part is excellent evidence.

You can purchase Discover log books, readymade to ensure that capturing evidence and recording the participation of all children is simple to do. If this isn’t possible, you can also download our Discover log book templates for free. And on top of this (we’re really spoiling you now) we have a free downloadable A3 template for Discover, which is a great way to easily capture all you need for Discover if you have limited time: download this for free here.

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As Arts Award is such a flexible resource, you are able to use it with your entire school – from Reception all the way through to Year 6. Discover is an introductory award, and not moderated externally, so you can do the paperwork and submit names for certificates at your own pace. We hope that Arts Award Discover will give you a framework for your Arts Week – why not consider arranging activities or visits which link to the various sections of the Award?

Some ideas on how you can link Arts Award Discover to your Arts Week:

Part A

Take part in at least one arts activity during Arts Week and record this (through videos, writing, drawings or video) - Abbey Catholic Primary School

Pupils need to identify a range of art forms (more than one). Consider creating a trail through the school highlighting different art forms on show. Alternatively, take a group or groups on an arts walk around the local area to your school – what art forms can they identify? This can also tie into KS1 and 2 Geography programmes of study, with identification of local landmarks, the use of maps and compass terminology.

Part B

Part B gives children the opportunity to find out about artists and their work.

Part B is a wonderful opportunity to engage a local artist, or work with your local arts organisation to provide some real-life exposure to artists for your pupils. Artists can be individuals working in any arts or creative industry, and do not have to be professionals. A member of staff or parent with a talent in an art or craft field can also count. Consider inviting someone into school to talk to the children in an assembly or class-by-class – or see if you can skype them in and link to ICT!

Part C - Abbey Catholic Primary SchoolPart C is the opportunity for children to share what they have enjoyed and learnt with others. It is a good way to develop communication skills and build confidence. This is also a great way for schools to engage parents/carers in a friendly, light-touch way

There are lots of ways children can share their experiences:

  • Create a display of children’s work created during Arts Week, with one line from each child about what they enjoyed the most.
  • Use some class time on the Friday of Arts Week for children to share their work and their favourite bit with each other. This could be to the whole class, a small group or to just one other child.
  • Consider inviting parents/carers into school for a celebration assembly where children can share their work.
  • Put photographs of the work created by children, their research into an artist and/or their thoughts on the activities onto the school website to record and celebrate your Arts Week. Put a link in the parents newsletter and invite them to comment on the work.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you are able to celebrate the arts in your school this summer. Don’t forget to download our free resource for lots more inspiration and ideas, and if you would like any additional support get in touch.

If you do link Arts Award Discover to your Arts Week we would love to hear from you! Tweet us @ArtsAward or email

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