Introducing the Arts Award Portfolio Examples Hub

Introducing the Arts Award Portfolio Examples Hub

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29 Apr 2024

Are you or the young people you are working with seeking inspiration and guidance on crafting an impressive Arts Award portfolio? Look no further! Introducing the Arts Award Portfolio Examples Hub your new go-to destination for exploring example portfolios. Dive into this resource to gain insights into what constitutes a high-quality portfolio and observe how the activities and evidence requirements in Arts Award progress across the levels. Whether you're an adviser or young person, this hub is designed to empower and illuminate the journey towards Arts Award excellence.

Complementing the level specific hubs available on Arts Award Voice this new area pulls together some examples of Arts Award work to draw inspiration and ideas from at any level. There’s example portfolios using video, slideshows, online sharing and much more. It provides a useful reference point to consider the increasing standard and depth of work required as a young person progresses through Arts Award levels.

The hub is a curated collection of example portfolios from talented individuals involved in their own Arts Award journeys. We feature work covering fashion, digital arts, theatre, music, film, dance and more.

Examples are organised into four themes relevant to Arts Award:

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These themes and types of activity are present across a number of Arts Award levels and the resources show how the evidence depth required varies by level.

Why have we made this resource?

We know one of the biggest challenges in creating a portfolio is knowing where to start. The Portfolio Examples Hub offers a diverse array of portfolios spanning different art forms and levels of Arts Award, serving as a source of inspiration for your own projects. Whether you're supporting Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver, or Gold level, you'll find plenty of examples to ignite your young people’s creativity.                                                                                         

Worried about meeting the criteria and standards of the Arts Award assessment? Fear not! The examples featured in the hub showcase excellence in both artistic expression and portfolio presentation. By taking inspiration from these examples, you'll gain a deeper understanding of what standard of work is typically expected at each level.

Visit the Arts Award Portfolio Examples Hub today.

We will be building the volume of resources over the coming months, providing examples from an even wider set of contexts. Have a student who has achieved their award that you’d love to profile? Send us an email about them and their portfolio to

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