Planning for your next academic year delivery of Arts Award

Planning for your next academic year delivery of Arts Award

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BY: Alan Lynch
14 Jul 2017

We know, we know! The holidays are upon us and teachers are starting their well-deserved summer break. BUT, why not use the summer to start thinking about your 2017/18 delivery, and get ahead of the game? We even have a discount running on training for keen beans sorting out their plans for September.

If you’ve never delivered before…

If you have recently trained the summer is a great time to get prepared for your first delivery. Use our mapping documents and portfolio templates to get you started. If your centre is selected for moderation, a moderator will look to see that the evidence is there and has been assessed accurately – there’s no expectation for anything to be presented in a particular way. If you would like to run Arts Award as an extra-curricular option it may also be worth checking out our resource from current Arts Award adviser Claire Everett, who helps you through the process in our handy how-to guide.

We have a range of support available to you beyond resources as well. Take a look for our upcoming support surgeries, and consider requesting remote or in-house support for the autumn term now.

If you’ve delivered before and want to try something different…Abbey Catholic RC Primary 9522 -

Have you delivered in one subject area and want to try engaging more staff? Or have you done small delivery and want to scale up? Give us a call on 020 7820 6178 or email us at to discuss your plans and we can help with your planning. Our Large Groups resource may help if you are looking to expand delivery, and if you are planning large group delivery book an in-house support session now for the start of the autumn term.

If you would like to offer Arts Award across a range of subjects, not all staff need to be trained advisers. Consider requesting one of our free INSET sessions to explore how you can offer Arts Award across a range of subjects and departments at your school and we can work with you to explore how this can work in practice.

If you’ve delivered in the past but it was a while ago…

Attend a support surgery to help get you back up to speed. Check that your Toolkit is still up to date (Bronze/Silver/Gold is 4th Edition) and download our Qualification Specifications to check you are still confident about the assessment criteria.

You can always book onto training again to help refresh your memory on what is required at Arts Award, and if you book before September you can attend for this years’ price.

And for something completely different…

If you work in music have you considered Trinity’s Rock & Pop exams? Our refreshed syllabus presents opportunities for whole class ensemble teaching, and higher grades give young people active practice in what it means to be a rock or pop musician. Our Classical & Jazz exams also provide more entry routes for young people wishing to develop their musicianship, all of these exams can also feed into completing various elements of young people’s Arts Award!Glenthorne High School 0850 -

As ever, we are always on the end of the phone or an email to give you some support. We hope you enjoy the summer holiday and return to school feeling refreshed and excited for another year of Arts Award delivery!

Let us know your plans – we love to hear about what you have up your sleeve. Complete our short questionnaire and help us, help you.

Request a free support session
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