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    Annabel Thomas

    I’m Trinity College London’s Arts Development Manager. I work across Trinity’s suite of arts qualifications, helping schools and other organisations to work out how to offer our qualifications, and to help them get started.

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    Five creative responses to school trips

    Taking children to museums, galleries and heritage sites is a fantastic way to bring learning to life, and to broaden the horizons of children who may not otherwise get the chance to visit some of the...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 03 Aug 2018

    Engage a music specialist to boost your schools' music offer

    Many schools will have access to a wide range of music support through their local Music Education Hub or Service. This can include instrument hire, peripatetic lessons, support with WCET & First Acce...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 02 Aug 2018

    The Play’s the Thing! Creating a primary school production from scratch

     I’m sure that you, like us, want to celebrate all aspects of a creative endeavour: from dance to drawing; music to digital making and beyond. But in this blog we will be looking at the excitement and...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 02 Aug 2018

    The importance of metacognition – Making a case for young people learning to learn

    The Education Endowment Foundation, the UK’s What Works Centre for Educational Achievement, has recently published their guidance report on metacognition and self-regulated learning. The report stress...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 08 May 2018

    Children & the Arts make a great Start

    On the blog today, we are sharing an update on a very exciting partnership we first blogged about last year. We have been working with Children & the Arts to embed Arts Award into their Start programm...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 26 Mar 2018

    Why creativity counts when picking a primary school

      It is that time of year when parents up and down the country are deciding which schools to apply to for their four and five year olds. With the deadline of 15 January fast approaching, Trinity’s Art...

    Author: Annabel Thomas

    Date: 08 Jan 2018

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