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Arts Award is calling for proposals for MozFest 2016

Author: Julie Neville

Date: 17 Jun 2016

In the 21st Century, the relationship between art and technology has grown deeper and more nuanced than ever before. We use technology to create art. We view and share art using new and impressive digital tools. And often, technology itself - from products to web pages - is art.

Join the Digital Arts and Culture Space for workshops, demos, and discussions that unpack the relationship between art, technology, and the web. We’ll explore how vlogging is becoming an art form of its own; discover how digital tech is making the arts accessible to people of all abilities; ask when code is at its most creative; and understand the role of digital arts in society. Whether you’re a professional artist or a DIY maker, everyone will have an opportunity to create and be inspired.

We’re calling for proposals from people who would like to deliver sessions in the Digital Arts and Culture space.  We want the space to bring together artists and makers to share their skills and explore emerging trends in digital arts and culture.  This is a space for all people of all ages and abilities.  We are also accepting proposals in Spanish, French and Arabic this year.22224395804_c385b4e003_k

What could the different sessions look like?

Demo or Lightning talk – a 5-15 minute showcase of completed work or a product, aimed at giving an introduction and inspiring participants to find out more

Learning Lab – a 60 minute hands on interactive session that shares skills (technical or other), this could also be a small group discussion

Fireside chat – a 45 minute talk with time for questions and answers

Hands-on workshop - 1-3 hours for hacking, making, designing or producing something

Game – a creative approach to helping participants think about what digital arts mean to them, using your own mini space or interacting with the other sessions in the arts and culture space

Create your own session – tell us about your idea and we’ll explore how we can work with you to make it fit

How is the space shaping up?

We’re currently having lots of exciting conversations!  We’re talking to established digital artists, young leaders building their own creative tech, innovative designers of digital tools for arts and cultural settings, emerging vloggers and those using tech to make the arts accessible for people of mixed abilities.  We’re looking forward to discussing your ideas for the Digital Arts and Culture space and making it a truly interactive and creative experience with you.

22860343491_d11b0e792d_kWho comes to MozFest?

In one weekend around 2,000 people from all over the world fill up the different spaces at Mozfest. The festival brings together a community of people who are empowered to make things on the web that matter to them and their communities.  They come from all backgrounds, from teachers, to developers and activists, to parents and young people. MozFest provides a space for them to talk about digital technology in today’s world, and gives them opportunities to use their creativity to take control of the internet and make it better.

When and where is MozFest?

MozFest will take place from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 October at Ravensbourne, a fantastic open plan university space beside the O2 in London with easy transport links from mainline railway stations and airports.  The call for proposals will close on 1 August.

Who is co-ordinating the Digital Arts and Culture Space?26307573763_9336da0ceb_k

I’m Julie Neville and I’m the space wrangler for the Digital Arts and Culture.  Wranglers are the people who organise and build spaces at Mozilla.  I’m passionate about the arts, community exchange and giving young people the opportunity to become leaders.  At MozFest I’ll be representing Arts Award.  Arts Award’s unique qualifications support young people to develop as arts leaders through any arts, media or cultural activity. The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills and is open to anyone aged up to 25.  In Arts Award’s 10-year history, almost a quarter of a million young people have achieved an Arts Award.

We’re going to be bringing the key principles of Arts Award to Mozfest, focussing on digital art and ensuring that visitors of all ages can get involved.  These include:

  • Taking part in digital arts
  • Exploring digital makers, artists and organisations
  • Being part of the audience at digital arts events
  • Sharing digital arts skills

Anyone visiting Mozfest who is 25 and under will be able to follow some simple pathways to get involved with Arts Award, and for everyone else, our sessions will be inclusive and inspiring no matter what your reason for be there!  For more information, contact me.

We’re excited to welcome you!


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