Add some sparkle to your Christmas show with Arts Award!

Add some sparkle to your Christmas show with Arts Award!

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BY: Annabel Thomas
12 Dec 2016

It’s a busy time in schools at the moment – not only are teachers battling end of term fatigue, but many schools are in the final throes of putting together their end of year performance. In primary schools this is usually a nativity or Christmas celebration, while secondary schools could have anything from carol services to full-blown musicals, recitals, dance shows and art exhibitions. It’s exhausting just thinking of the options!

But the good news (apart from all the mince pies which hopefully have appeared in your staff rooms) is that Arts Award fits fantastically well with all of these events. We wanted to share just some of the ways you can bring even more value to your winter productions, and help your young people gain their Arts Award at the same time.

Primary schools

Who doesn’t remember the excitement of putting a tea towel on your head and nervously taking to the stage for the first time during the school nativity? Hopefully the next generation of Daisy Ridley’s and John Boyega’s will be in your school hall performing as an angel, shepherd or, if you’re going down a more Love Actually route, Lobster Number 2.

If you are running Discover or Explore, the Christmas production is a fantastic way to evidence participating in an arts activity. You can use the final performance for Discover Part A, or Explore Parts A or C.

For Explore, why not use drama workshops for Part A, and creating and performing the final show for Part C? Just be careful to ensure that all activities are distinct, and evidenced separately. For more hints on evidencing for Explore, read our previous blog post.

Secondary schools

Secondary schools are buzzing with activity in December and the many arts related Sophie and Laura Dancingactivities which take place can all contribute to a range of Arts Awards. Why not use a Christmas production or concert for Bronze Part A, with young people evidencing being part of the rehearsal process and production to demonstrate how their skills improved? Young people who are not part of the production could also watch a performance or dress rehearsal, and review this for their Part B.

For Silver and Gold, consider some of your students taking on a leadership role as part of a Christmas show. This could range from leading rehearsals, to managing front of house, marketing to backstage activity depending on the level of Arts Award they are completing and their interests.

Young people doing their Silver could also use participating in a production for their arts challenge, and for Silver and Gold use a school production as one of the events that they review as being an audience member.

Encourage your students to get involved in something they wouldn’t have done before, such as costume design, make up, helping with marketing the production or lighting and sound. The winter show is a great way to demonstrate that there are many routes into the arts, and you don’t have to be on stage to benefit. It may even lighten your load!

Whatever exciting activity is taking place in your school this Christmas, we hope that it goes without a hitch. Let us know what you get up to – we would love to hear your stories and see your photos! Email or Tweet us @artsaward! 

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