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    Author: Kate Attard

    Date: 06 May 2020

    Over the spring and summer of 2020 we ran a weekly lunchtime webinar chat where we heard how a range of different  advisers and centres  have adapted their Arts Award delivery over the last few weeks with young people working at home. Below is a roundup of the webinars we have delivered and how you can access the recordings.

    Some centres have managed to continue the delivery they began before lockdown whereas others have stated whole new projects that set out to engage young people and ensure creativity still flourishes and skills develop in new ways.

    Don't forget also to check out our blog posts to support you with adapting your deliver to remote working, including specific ones covering Bronze and Explore, Silver and Gold.

    Upstart projects/Arts award Voice

    Di Walton and Emrys Green from Upstart projects joined us to talk about how Voice Magazine can help support advisers and young people with your Arts Award delivery and cultural engagement. They also shared their top tips for Arts Award advising from home based on previous experience of offering in this way joined by one of the young people who achieved with them in this way, Jo.

    Some useful links we shared during the session

    Access the recording here

    Chichester Festival Theatre

    We were delighted to be joined by Richard Knowles, Education Projects Manager and Ella Bassett, Community Trainee from Chichester Festival Theatre. We discussed the theatre's approach to delivering Arts Award online. Ella also spoke about her journey with Gold Arts Award so far as part of her traineeship and the adaptations that she has made. To find out more about their remote Arts Award offer please see their website

    Access the recording here

    The Point, Eastleigh Borough Council

    We were joined by Emma Christie from The Point, Eastleigh. We discussed the their approach to delivering Arts Award Discover as a home arts challenge, and explored their supporting website and resources. You can find out more about their Arts Award Discover at home offer on their website.

    Access the recording here

    Music Learning Collective

    Paul Hose joined us from Music Learning Collective, a group of music schools in the Midlands who offer Arts Award alongside their instrumental lessons. He talked us through how they have moved their Arts Award delivery online and offered Discover and Explore to keep their participants engaged.

    Some useful links from the MLC website shared during the webinar

    Access the recording here

    Haberdashers' Aske School for Girls

    We were joined by Simon Tuner, Louise Wallace, Charlotte Turner who deliver Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award and have transferred their delivery online since lockdown and found some real benefits to their online delivery that they plan to continue when the school is open again. The school has been using the online resources on Arts Award on Voice which you can find links to further up this page.

    Access the recording here

    Kids in  Museums

    We were joined by Alison Bowyer from Kids in Museums who will share interesting examples of remote Arts Award delivery from the museums and heritage sector as well as talking about the challenges they are setting online.

    Some useful links shared during the webinar

    Access the recording here

    Skimstone Arts

    We were joined by Claire Webster Saaremets from Skimstone Arts who shared how they have been continuing to deliver Arts Award remotely with some very vulnerable young people and the breakthroughs that some of the have had during lockdown.

    Access the recording here

    DIY Theatre

    We  were joined by Sue Caudle, Artistic Director of DIY Theatre Company. DIY is an established Learning Disability Theatre Company based in Salford. Sue shared some of the adaptations that she has made to supporting young people with learning disabilities to continue to work towards their Arts Awards during lockdown.

    Some useful links shared during the webinar

    Access the recording here

    The King's School Worcester

    We were joined by Head of Drama, Shara Parry from The King's School Worcester. Shara shared with us how she has continued to support learners to work towards their Arts Award remotely.

    Access the recording here

    Children's University Kent  

    Emma Jenkins from the Education People who run the Children's University in Kent spoke to us about how they have been delivering Discover during lock down, working with parents on home learning challenges.

    Access the recording here

    Formby High School

    Hear the Formby High School team, and two of their Arts Award students, to explore how they have adapted their delivery of Arts Award as an enrichment option (one of the only ones that has continued during lockdown) as well as delivering with the children of key workers. Formby High School have also blogged for us recently about their work with the children of Key Workers.

    Some useful links shared during the webinar

    Access the recording here

    Venture Arts

    Venture Arts along with two young artists discussed how they have adapted to continuing to complete their Arts Awards online. They talked about their delivery and provided some useful top tips. 

    Access the recording here



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