Case study: Beat It Percussion

Case study: Beat It Percussion

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BY: Alan Lynch
04 Sep 2018

Beat It Percussion provides hands-on drumming activities for people of all ages and abilities. Their programmes include Carnival and Samba-themed workshops in schools and work places, as well as activities that focus on sensory experiences and communication for people in health and social care settings. They have been delivering Arts Award for the last three years.

Beat It Percussion was invited to provide children's drumming workshops and for the first time, Arts Award at Drum Camp, a festival in Bungay, Suffolk. They offered Discover, Explore and Bronze levels to be completed within the three days of the festival. Arts Award was provided as an optional activity for children attending the Camp with their families and seen as a way for them to get more out of the festival experience.


Beat It Percussion offered and delivered Arts Award at three levels (Discover, Explore and Bronze) to meet the needs of differing age groups and abilities at the Drum Camp festival in Suffolk. They worked in conjunction with the arts and crafts tent to enable children to have support filling in their arts logs or portfolios and to participate in art and craft activities as part of their awards.Beat It Percussion 001

They supported children to engage with the workshops and arts activities on offer including their own drumming workshops, and facilitated them in approaching other musicians performing at the festival to learn about their careers and works to meet these parts of the awards.

Discover and Explore candidates used Arts Award log books, choosing the version appropriate to their ages. One participant took up Bronze and compiled her evidence in her own notebook and she continued writing in this throughout completion of her award.

Beat It Percussions took photographs of the children and had them printed so they could attach to log books. They also gathered feedback from parents, friends and other artists.


It was noted at the festival that taking part in Arts Award helped children to actively engage young people in the arts and widen their conscious understanding of the arts rather than them being passive participants. It was also noted by several of the young people and their families that the opportunity to share skills with peers was a confidence boosting experience.

'We are surrounded by the arts all the time but many people go around with their eyes closed. I use Arts Award to help me enable children to open their eyes.' Lynn Kay, Arts Award adviser

'I like doing the drawings in my book and talking to the Beat Boxers. They were funny and helpful.' Arts Award Discover achiever

'I think this award went well and I enjoyed doing different artsy things. I would like to come back and do the next level next year' Arts Award Explore achiever

'I was interviewed by some of the Arts Award children. It's great that they have this opportunity to really think about music and develop critical thinking at an early age. They are the future.' A musician at Drum Camp

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