Nurturing dreams and empowering futures: The transformative power of Arts Award

Nurturing dreams and empowering futures: The transformative power of Arts Award

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04 Mar 2024

To kick off our theme on the blog this month celebrating the delivery of Arts Award in Alternative Provision settings Ade Ikoli, Creative Media Teacher at Hopewell School in Essex explains how Arts Award is a life line for many of their students, where they thrive in their creative education.

Welcome to a heartwarming tale of creativity, growth and empowerment through the Arts Award programme at Hopewell School. Over the years, Arts Award has not only enriched the lives of our students but has also paved the way for exciting opportunities and promising futures in the arts. Join me as we explore the profound impact of Arts Award on our students, the incredible support it provides for further education and careers, and the brilliant structure it offers that fosters engagement and differentiation for learners of all levels.

Unleashing potential: the positive impact of Arts Award

At Hopewell School, Arts Award is more than a qualification—it's a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. It's a catalyst for transformation, a beacon of hope and a celebration of creativity. From its positive impact on students to the innovative methods used in planning and delivery.

Delivered through our Creative Media lessons which I have the privilege of teaching, students explore various art forms, including photography, game design, coding, music, animation, and 3D design. Our recent investments in the Creative Media Studio were inspired by our students’ success with Arts Award over the years and provided them with top-notch facilities to thrive in their creative endeavours.

Supporting futures in the arts: a pathway to success

Arts Award serves as a springboard for students venturing into further education and careers in the arts. By nurturing their passion and honing their skills, it opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. At Hopewell School, we've seen students move on to Level 1, 2, and 3 courses in computer game design, game animation, creative media, and music production, leveraging their experience within Creative Media and Arts Award. For instance, one student's Arts Award Silver project on game design inspired him to pursue a Level 2 course in game animation at college. Another student, through his Bronze Arts Award project involving music and video creation, transitioned into music production at college. These examples demonstrate how Arts Award not only nurtures creativity but also paves the way for tangible career paths in the arts industry.

Gold digital folder with video feedback and supportArts Award structure: engaging learners of all levels

One of the greatest strengths of Arts Award lies in its versatile and inclusive nature. Designed to accommodate learners of all abilities and interests, it offers a flexible framework that allows for differentiation and engagement at every level. Our Creative Media lessons incorporate innovative methods to engage all learners. Within our Creative Media lesson, I utilise digital folders/websites to support students to create and design, fostering engagement with video, animation, and game design projects. Additionally, I provide recorded voice feedback to offer personalised guidance and support, enhancing the learning experience through direct audio and video notes to the student’s digital folder. These strategies not only accommodate diverse learning styles but also deepen students' connection with the artistic process, empowering them to fully explore their creativity.

A journey of growth and achievement: stories from Hopewell School

Gold folder military curation museum projectOver the years, we've witnessed many success stories emerge from the Arts Award programme at Hopewell School. From students mastering digital art techniques to others composing their own music, each journey is a testament to the transformative power of the arts. For instance, our student Ben worked on a military-themed project for their Gold Arts Award, visiting museums, studying military design, and ultimately curating an exhibition on military uniforms throughout history. This project not only showcased their creativity but also provided valuable insights into historical and design concepts. Ben now works part-time in a military museum while pursuing a career as a marine engineer. Another student, inspired by his Arts Award project on game design, is now excelling in a Level 2 course in game animation at college. These stories exemplify the transformative power of Arts Award, guiding students towards successful futures in the arts and beyond.

As educators, we take pride in nurturing these talents and celebrating the achievements of our students, no matter how big or small. Every Bronze, Silver, or Gold award is a symbol of perseverance, creativity, and dedication—a milestone on their path to success.

Looking ahead: a bright future with Arts Award

As we look to the future, we remain committed to fostering a culture of creativity and excellence at Hopewell School. We believe that every student has the potential to shine brightly and make their mark on the world. Through Creative Media and Arts Award, we continue to empower our students, nurturing their dreams and preparing them for the diverse opportunities that await them in the ever-evolving landscape of the arts industry.


Top right: Gold digital portfolio with video feedback and support from adviser 

Bottom left: Gold portfolio, military curation museum project

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