Welcome to the new look Arts Award website!

Welcome to the new look Arts Award website!

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BY: Kate Attard
31 Oct 2022

We are excited to reveal a very overdue refreshed look and feel for the Arts Award website. As well as that, we have listened to the feedback from advisers and centres who found it difficult to find information on the previous site and we have worked hard to streamline the content and navigation. We really hope these changes are going to help you get to the information and support you need quickly.

In today’s blog we are going to highlight ten key pages you might want to check out and bookmark!

First, some pages that are new or have changed a lot in the refreshed website:

  1. The homepage!

One of the places where you will notice the biggest difference is our new look homepage, which we hope is cleaner and clearer and helps those new to Arts Award and centres and advisers like you find what you want. Find your way using the menu and the top right hand side of this page to the section you need. It also links our to our latest blog posts.

New website

  1. Our new quick quiz

If you are not sure about which level of Arts Award to offer a particular group, then check out our new interactive quick quiz which asks you some key questions about the young people you’re working with and your project plans, and then suggests which level(s) to consider and offers you some next steps.

  1. In your organisation

Whatever kind of organisation you are based in, the In your organisation section gives you some really useful pointers on how Arts Award can help you fulfil your organisations objectives and bring value to the young people you work with.

  1. What’s involved

For those just getting started or thinking about it, the What's involved page gives you simple step-by-step guidance of how to get going with offering Arts Award - from choosing what level(s) to offer, to getting help with your delivery. If you are recommending Arts Award to colleagues, then do send them to this page for an overview of what they need to do to get involved.

  1. Running Arts Award

The Running Arts Award section of the site combines all the information you need when running Arts Award from day to day. Here you can find advice and support for each stage of the delivery journey from planning to celebration. You can also find information about Access Fund and links to how to access our range of webinars or book a support session

There are also some pages which aren’t new but may have changed where they sit and are well worth checking out and book marking for future reference:

  1. Toolkit

Our number one piece of advice to any adviser for successful delivery is to check your toolkit! If you have lost your copy or want to check you have the most up-to-date version, you can now download a digital version from our website. You will need to log in to this page with your adviser login details.

  1. Best Practice Guide

If the toolkit is the key document for advisers, then our Best Practice Guide is the key document for Arts Award centres. This lays out what your responsibilities are as a centre and gives advice for smooth delivery and moderation.

  1. Moderation options

This page outlines our three moderation options - standard, postal and online - and should help you work out which is the right option for your centre. From here, you can then find out more about your chosen type of moderation and get on with booking it in!

  1. Help Centre

The Help Centre brings together all the key questions we get asked about Arts Award into one place and either provides specific answers, or directs you to somewhere on the website where you can find the answer to your question. It also includes a list of the top 10 questions we get asked at Arts Award, so there is a high likelihood your question will be covered there.

  1. Support sessions

We have brought all the information about our Arts Award support sessions and webinars into one page so you can find everything easily. From here you can:

  • Book a call in with one of the Arts Award delivery support team
  • Book a more in-depth support session with our team of Arts Award support consultants
  • Book an upcoming webinar or watch a recording of one our extensive range of previous webinar sessions

We hope you enjoy using the refreshed website and are able to find all the information you need swiftly and easily. If you have any specific comments about the site, please feel free to drop them into the comments below.

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