MozFest 2017: Youth-Led Sessions

MozFest 2017: Youth-Led Sessions

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BY: Judy McFall
18 Sep 2017

MozFest is nearly here! Join us between 27-29 October at Ravensbourne College in London. We will be introducing you to the youth-led track, a series of all new Arts Award sponsored sessions focused on young leaders running creative and engaging sessions on internet issues close to their heart.

The youth-led track will be breaking out to the whole festival by supporting the development of young people so they can have the confidence to share their opinions, expertise and passion.

In a Mozfest first, every space at the festival will feature sessions run by young people. Below is a taster of sessions taking place on the day:


This session will provide an introduction to code club. Participants will learn how to code by producing a working webpage or program. You’ll also get a chance to discover how independent coders can create more new apps rather than rely on conglomerates.

Digital Inclusion

Discover the Microbit Robot Challenge. Use the BBC Microbit and code to drive a Robot:Bit buggy through a timed course. Awesome fun!

The Dance Code. If you never thought you could dance but are a programming pro, this session is for you. Our very own Gold Arts Award achiever Neha will teach you how to create ‘choreographic devices’, using the same principles as structuring code. You’ll create motifs to get performance ready.

Open Innovation

Focused on Inkscape and Lasercutting, in this session you’ll learn how to use a design program before creating your masterpiece on the laser cutter. The best part is that you’ll create a momento to take home with you!

Privacy and Security

Do we live in a world where inclusion is for all? Come and create art work with Hannah from Work In Progress while exploring how the internet can be a safe space for expressing your opinion, or having a voice in the face of challenges or stigmas. You will feel supported in discussing this highly important issue, expressing yourself creatively and becoming part of something bigger.

Web Literacy

Preparing Students to Outfox Fake News. Using Mozilla tools like Kraken the Code and X-ray Goggles, participants will work through a series of games, activities, and challenges to help them see the issue of fake news from a student’s perspective.

Scratch Based HTML Explorer. Using a Scratch project you’ll learn HTML with 10-year-old Alex and the folks at A Little Learning. It’s all about experimenting and developing your understanding of code, so no matter your skill level you’ll feel at home!

Digital Creativity in Primary Schools. Join See Think Make to discuss their success in boosting people’s digital creativity and share recommended apps you can play with. This session is great for young people interested in becoming leaders - but also for educators seeking new ideas to take home.

Social Media and Expression. Join Arts Award centre Helix Arts and their young people to discover ‘The Real You?’. Consider your social media presence, create new digital art work and explore feelings from anger to joy. This practical session has been mapped so you could achieve Arts Award Discover! (You’ll find this in the Youth Zone too.) 

Youth Zone

Build your own Pokemon World in web based Virtual Reality (VR). Explore VR as a concept before going on to help build a Pokemon world. A full-on VR experience based on gaming and competition which is not to be missed!

Blender Workshop. Join 14-year-old Otis to learn all about Digital 3D art at the heart of videogames and most movies. You’ll learn the basics of 3D modelling, texturing and rendering and producing your own graphics.

Come and take part in an interactive exhibition in the Youth Zone with Arts Award achiever Sally Trivett, the Young Artist in Residence at MozFest. She’ll be helping you reconstruct realities, helping you to show your online face in a creative offline way!

There are many more chances across MozFest to complete parts of Arts Award at every level. From meeting facilitators, being part of training to taking part in creative activity or reviewing the demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops. There are over 300 sessions to choose from, covering lots of topics and suitable for all abilities. We’ll pick out some noteworthy workshops for Arts Award participants as MozFest is an Arts Award Supporter organisation.  Make sure to check back here for those picks.

Finally, every space will be hosting Artist Open Studios curated by the Tate and V&A museums. Led by a professional artist you’ll get a chance to take part in their activities and talk to them about work, training and careers.

Grab your ticket now from - tickets for young people are just £3 each. And if you’re bringing a group from an Arts Award Centre then get in touch with to arrange a free adviser ticket!

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